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"Knowing others is a kind of knowledge; knowing yourself is wisdom. Conquering others requires strength; conquering yourself is true power.  To realize you have enough is true wealth."                             - the Tao
Catherine Miller is a therapist and healer in San Francisco, offering clients an opportunity to understand and transform their experience, creating the possibility of living in deeper communion with themselves, others and the world they live in.

Her therapeutic services provide each client with grounding and support, bringing years of experience, expertise and understanding to their experience.

“We are hurting because we are closed off, shut down, and fragmented from our true selves. The Earth has always held the template for health and well-being.”

- Catherine

Help is available if you are experiencing:
  • Pain or Trauma
  • Addictions or Harmful Habits
  • Major Transitions
  • Birth Trauma
  • Caregiving Challenges
  • Grief and Loss

Guidance and support are available for:
  • Periods of Growth
  • Increasing Well-being and Balance
  • Birth Preparation
  • Death and Dying
  • Growth in a Spiritual Practice